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More ambitious?
Establish your interlining coating line!

Cooperated with QIDONG GAOYANG over 10 years, INTERLINIO offers a full service for you to establish your coating line from zero.

We are able to offer the most relevant adhesive coating and laminating processes needed for the production of a huge variety of laminates and composite materials.

Interlining Coating Tech

Double dot (paste dot)

DOUBLE DOT machine coating interlining making technical image
  • A rotating mesh(screen) runs over the substrate to be coated.
  • Inside the mesh there is a squeegee blade. Through a pipe system, paste or other dispersion will be fed into the mesh. 
  • By the rotation of the mesh, the blade pushes the paste through the holes of the mesh and coats the fabric. 
  • In case of a double dot system, powder is fully coated onto the fabric right after the paste dot coating. 
  • Afterwards, the exceeding powder captured by the wet dots is sucked off. 
  • Then the fusible interlining will be finished and ready to pack.

Powder dot (hot melt transfer)

powder coating machine technical image hot melt transfer
  • A heated gravure roll runs under a powder filled funnel.
  • The funnel is equipped with doctor blades, so that the roller is stripped off from remaining powder.
  • When the powder is leaving the funnel, the fabric will be coated and heated up to pick up the powder provided from the relatively cooler gravure roll. when it is getting in contact.
  • Then the fabric will be cooled down and the coating will be on fabric stably.
  • Then the fusible interlining will be finished and ready to pack.

Simple Steps

before choose your interlining coating line

1. Determine your workshop space

Usually the workshop need at least 40 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. If your fabric width is over 1.8 meters or your space is not so large, please inquiry us in advance and we can give you a solution.

2.What is your coating method?

Double dot and powder dot is the most popular coating technology in fusible interlining industry. If you have any other thoughts, or other coating skills, like powder scatter or spray bar, we can also give you a solution.

3. What is your energy mode?

We can offer both electricity and gas energy mode. Electricity is easy to fix. So the machine cost will be less but you will get a relatively higher electricity fee. Gas energy fee will be less but you need a higher standard workshop and cost of machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is INTERLINIO a directly machine making factory?

No. We cooperated with Qidong Gaoyang, which has over 30 years of coating machine making experience. Gaoyang entrust INTERLINIO to sell the machine in every parts.

What is the payment method?

After we finishing the agreement conditions, customers need to pay 30% of agreement value T/T in advance. So that we can confirm and start the production. Before loading, customers should pay 60% rest. After fixing and testing, customers will pay the last 10% meaning that the order finsihed.

How long is the production period?

Usually the production of the machine will take 12 weeks. If you have some other special requirements, it will takes a relatively longer time. Actually, we will prepare some machine parts for hottest products, which will shorten the production period.

Will the technicians arrive with the machines?

Before COVID-19, we can arrange 2-4 workers to help our customers fix the machines. The whole process will take around 15 days. However, now due to COVID-19, we prefer online fixing, with detailed translation on each machine part and cables. The customers should afford the daily fee of our technicians.

If we found the machine unsuitable, can we get refund?

Sorry you cannot. Each machine is customized by customers so we cannot get it back. Before loading, each machine will get fully tested. So to avoid this situation, you should talk deeply with our experts.

How about interlinio's technical and after service?

We offer technical service within 24 hours via internet and facecall. Due to COVID-19, it is hard for us to go to local factory to solve the problem. But we can offer facechat via what'sapp or wechat solutions to help our customer recover from machine lock down.

What can our interlining coating machines bring to you?

energy and raw material saving

Not only you can save up to 10% energy cost, we also have a raw material collection and recycling system.

customization freely

Talk to our experts, you can design your own coating machine which fit your product accordingly.

higher producing effciency

We improve the speed of the machine. Besides, we apply automatic fabric roll entrance and collection system. Only 2 people can manage the whole lines.

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