Interlining Behind the Fashion

Interlinio is a 10 years factory located in Jiangsu China. We have help over 17 customers to become excellent wholesalers in their hometown.

Though fusible interlining takes a very small account in fashion industry, our interlining product has been having a better understanding in garment and fashion industry and welcomed in many different countries.

fusible interlining

What is interlining/interfacing?

Very inside the cloth, at the back side of shell fabric, you can find the interlining, sewed or fused. Interlining, interfacing, or lining tape, we may have many names calling this type of fabric. In China, some experienced tailors call this fabric as ‘skeleton’ or ‘framework’. Next part with images you can clearly see why we use interlining.

Why our clothes need interlining or interfacing?

3no interlining

Interlining make some parts hard in our clothes

Interlining can be used in some hard parts in our clothes, such as cuff, placket, waist, flies etc.. In daily life, these parts should be always in good shape. With interlining, these parts will be harder than normal, and after washing, the crinkles can be effectively avoided.

3with interlining
no interlining

Interlining maintains our cloth in a good shape

Now fully interlining fusing is  a welcomed technology in coat and suit making. With interlining, the clothes will become thicker, where the fabric with interlining will have a better support in becoming a good shape even after washing and ironing. It is indeed a skeleton of a cloth.

with interlining
no interlining

Interlining helps our tailors to sew some parts easily

Sewing a cloth is not a simple work. Some special parts need to be strengthened. By adding interlining in should seam, the seam slippery can be effectively avoided. By adding interlining near buttons, the buttons will be more easily to sew. Also, you can add interlining in pocket to improve its physical performance.

with interlining
2no interlining

Caps, shoes and some other accessories also need interlining

Not only cloth, but also caps, hats, shoes, bags, ties and some other accessories all need interlining. Interlining improves their physical performance. They will be not easy to broke, easier to wash and can even have a better color and some additional functions.

2with interlining

Over 10 years experience in fusible interlining production

Fusible interlining is a product which can have fewer changes and characteristics than other trims in garment industry. It takes little account in whole fashion industry.

This means stable has become the most significant standard in fusible interlining factory. Interlinio is an over 10 years factory starting from knitting to coating. Our aim is to let our customer feeling safe and stable.

Your EACH METER counts!

Usually fusible interlining inspection is under a weak light environment. We use purple light to check fabric defects, like broken yarn, holes, fusing coating missing, etc..

We have a strict classify rules from A to C. If no special requirements, all our customer will received the fabric belongs to A level, which means there are fewer than 4 defects in 1 fabric roll (100m/100y).

We also can apply 4 points system to make the inspection as customers’ requirements.

fusible interlining inspection

Our Interlining Solutions

Fusible Interlining Coating Line Establishment

If you are ambitious, you can choose to establish your own interlining coating line! Coating skills now is not a secret in whole interlining industry. Interlinio is happy to share the latest news with friends.

11-baiyue warp knit interlining

Fusible Interlining wholesaler

Becoming our wholesaler partner is easy. Not only you can get the most competitive price, but also you can learn deep in the relationship between fashion and interlining.

Product Advantages

From texturing to knitting, from knitting to coating, Interlinio controls the every step of production. We hope to make our customers confident in their product.

  • self texturing
  • over 16 weft inserted machines and 30 circular machines
  • 2 width-1.8 meters coating line
  • strict inspection rules from A TO C
  • OKEO TEX and GRS standard. SGS checking every season.

Our Social Responsibility

We keeps focusing in giving a better reaction to our society requirements from these aspects below:

improving our employees’ living quality; better environment protecting action by lowering chemical pollution and long-term raw material recycling system; cooperating more with government, doing best in international market, etc..

Become our partner right now!

You need more than just one meter interlining, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 10 years to build your brand and grow your profits. Let INTERLINIO help you achieve business success.

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