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Easy to become a fusible interlining wholesaler!

There is a HUGE GAP between interlining/interfacing industry and fashion (garment making) industry.

The reality is that the workers in interlining area and those who in fashion area have totally different methods in distinguishing and selecting different types of interlinings.

Here INTERLINIO want to break the wall and help our customers becoming good connectors with interlinings and cloths.   

Read the steps below and find the interlinings which are suitable!

Or you just need:                                                               

Step1. Choose your ideal interlining fabric

Weft inserted warp knit fabric

  • knitted by weft insertion warp knit machines, double  dot coated
  • width: 44″/60″;  weight: 28gsm to 100gsm
  • raw material: weft yarn can be changed as : polyester, rayon, cotton, tencel, etc..
  • different vertical yarn density will bring a different hand feeling
  • has a stable structure, effectively avoid the seam slippery problems
  • with coating, this interlining brings cloth a stiff and pump hand feeling
  • we can make the surface like hairy/fur style for men’s suits
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Circular knit 2-way elastic fabric

  • produced by circular knitting machine, double dot/powder dot coated
  • width:60″; weight: 30gsm to 80gsm
  • raw material: polyester
  • Due to the structure of circular knitting, this interlining has two-way elasticity
  • no curved edge on original fabric
  • can be easily stretched for different kinds of elastic-style fabrics
    good for lady fashion and sport fashion
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Nromal 2-bar warp knit fabric

  • Produced by normal warp knit machine (no weft insertion system behind), double dot coated
  • width: 60″; weight: 60gsm to 80 gsm
  • The hand feeling is adjustable: soft, middle and hard
  • the out-looking is shiny. the edge shape of the fabric can be curved when you pull it with strength
  • good structure support, recovering back to original shape after stretch and elongation
  • suitable for some special parts: like cap and hat , lady wedding dress, dance uniform, etc..
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Weave fabric

  • Produced by water jet loom, air jet loom or other kind loom, double dot/powder dot coated.
  • width:44″/60″; weight: adjustable as requirements
  • The hand feeling is adjustable: soft, middle and hard, low elasticity
  • hard hand feeling is suitable for collar, cap, trousers fly and some other special parts. soft hand feeling is suitable for  T-shirts, dress and some other daily lady fashions
  • the name is distinguished by textiled  yarn size like: 5050, 7575, 8055
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Step2. Choose your coating method

DOUBLE DOT machine coating interlining making technical image

Double dot coating (paste dot)

powder coating machine technical image hot melt transfer

powder dot coating (Hot-melt transfer)

Step3. Determine your fusing conditions

Long term cooperation with XINXIN

INTERLINIO and XINXIN Hot Melt Adhesive Co. Ltd.. are in the same high tech park, Qidong. We have formed A long term cooperated relationship since 2009.  Based on different fabric fusing condition, INTERLINIO and XINXIN have a rich experience in this.

Do ask our expert about your best fusing conditions before place your order.

CoatingWash situationFusing TemperatureFusing PressFusing Time
PES100≤40℃ wash110-125℃1-1.5kg10-15s
PA901dry wash, ≤60℃ wash90-110℃1-1.5kg10-15s
PA902dry wash, ≤40℃ wash, fair enzyme wash90-115℃1-1.5kg10-15s
CoatingWash situationFusing TemperatureFusing PressFusing Time
PES110≤40℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PES202≤60℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA3dry wash,≤40℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA2dry wash,≤60℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA6dry wash,≤60℃ wash, fair enzyme wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA8dry wash,≤90℃ wash, enzyme wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s

Frequently Asked Questions

No need to hesitate. 

Does our interlining contains harmful chemical elements?

Absolutely no! Our standard is according to Okeo Tex II above and we monthly cooperated with SGS. We can also do the SGS test by order as customers’ requirements.

Will you refund if sales are not good?

Refunds are not possible, especially for customized product. Therefore we will help you do the investigation in advance. Trial order will be helpful before final massive production.

Can I come to China for factory inspection?

Of course, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Or you can arrange your trusted third part to make inspection.

Tell me more about samples?

Sample within 2 meters are free. But you have to pay for long distance transportation fee and tax at your side. We can deduct a part of customization fee and sample fee when we make final order.

What are the payment options?

If the amount is small, you can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or PayPal if you can accept a slightly higher fee. But please note that for new customers, we only accept the 100% T/T of the payment, or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit.

Are you the direct manufacturer?

Yes. We have 16 weft inserted machines, over 30 circular machines and 2 coating lines.

Follow the steps above,
choose your ideal interlinings.

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